Stadol Abuse Treatment

Stadol Abuse Treatment

Stadol is an opiate that is used to manage pain relief in patients who have chronic pain. All opiates travel through the bloodstream quickly and reach the brain in a very short period of time. The opiate receptors are then triggered and provide users with powerful feelings of pleasure or ‘high’ as a reward almost immediately; this is why Stadol abuse is difficult to treat.

The high is quickly followed by feelings of intense relaxation and contentment which last for some hours.

Stadol directly affects the body’s respiratory center, which is located in the stem of the brain and makes the abuser’s breathing slow down, in extreme cases, their breathing may become so shallow that it will lead to their death. Addiction to Stadol is intense and therefore detoxification is required to completely eliminate the drug from the body.

Stadol Abuse Treatment

The detoxification procedure should only be carried out under the close supervision of a physician and it is advisable to take medication in order to reduce the painful withdrawal effects of Stadol that occur when an abuser stops taking the drug. A drug abuse rehab clinic or treatment center 800-303-2482 will carry out a thorough physical examination of the patient in order to determine their level of dependency. This will then allow the doctor to prescribe the correct amount of medication for successful detoxification.

Alongside the detoxification, the clinic will also evaluate the user’s psychological condition in order to identify why they started to abuse Stadol initially and also provide help in eliminating cravings for the drug. In this way the abuser is fully supported and both the physical and the psychological aspects of the abuse are addressed.

The time that it takes to complete the Stadol detoxification process will depend on the patient and the pattern in which the drug has been abused. The most serious withdrawal symptoms will occur within the first week after stopping the illicit use and this is why it is important to have professional help as there are many who will relapse when they find out how hard it is to withstand the effects of withdrawal.

Specific opiate antagonists are used to clean the body of the effects of Stadol dependency and it is advisable to repeat the treatment for the Stadol to be fully cleared out. The physician who is carrying out the Stadol detoxification process should be aware that in the case of a Stadol overdose, the likelihood of multiple drug abuse should not be ruled out.

A much newer method of treating Stadol abuse is Accelerated Neuro- Regulation (ANR). This method involves cleaning the opiate receptors in the body while the patient is anaesthetized; this allows the detoxification process to be carried out much more quickly, and the drug to be completely eliminated from the body by the time the patient wakes so that no withdrawal symptoms have to be experienced.

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