What Is Stadol?

What Is Stadol?

Stadol is an opiate that is used to manage pain relief in patients who have chronic pain. The genetic makeup of the drug is very similar to that of morphine and other related drugs although it is a synthetic drug.

Stadol is highly addictive and is not normally prescribed to people who have had a previous problem with narcotics. The drug has analgesic properties and should only be used by people for whom it was prescribed and never be used in conjunction with alcohol because of the very dangerous side effects it can have on the user.

Stadol impairs cognitive ability and when you are taking it, activities which require concentration should be avoided whenever possible, if do have to carry out these duties, then great care should be taken.

If the drug is taken in larger quantities or for a longer time than the doctor prescribed it for, a tolerance to Stadol may develop. If a tolerance does occur, the patient should not self-medicate or increase the dosage as this could allow the tolerance to develop into dependence and ultimately a potential addiction. The doctor should be advised as soon as the drug’s initial dosage loses its effectiveness.

What Is Stadol?

Abrupt stoppage of the drug is not recommended and may cause Stadol withdrawal symptoms as the body reacts to a lack of the drug. Withdrawal occurs because of the effect the drug has had on the body rather than an addiction to it. The assistance of a doctor should always be sought when you want to stop using the drug as he or she will help you to introduce your body to managing without the drug negatively affecting your body.

Stadol should not be used if any allergic reaction to the ingredients is experienced, an interaction could lead to dangerous problems for the various systems of your body. Stadol should not be used either if you have asthma, mental illness, brain injury, organ problems, or a history of an addiction to any narcotic drug or alcohol.

If you are pregnant or a nursing mother, consult your doctor before you start using Stadol, nursing mothers can pass the drug to their baby through the breast milk which can cause withdrawal symptoms. Stadol is categorized as pregnancy drug category C.

Stadol is administered intravenously in hospitals and via injection if used at home where a doctor will give instructions regarding how it is to be used effectively. The user should never take more than the prescribed dosage as this may cause adverse effects to develop. After use, the needle should be safely disposed of away from children.

If a dose is missed, it should not be made up by taking a larger quantity the next time. Stadol has various side effects on the body which include irregular heartbeats, shallow breathing, confusion, tremors, faintness and constipation as well as many other side efeects. When Stadol is used in conjunction with other drugs for recreational purposes, the side effects will be much worse.

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